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Your guarantee of quality and your peace-of-mind are paramount. Since establishment in 1997, Electrofax has worked extensively in the engineering field and below are just a few of our recent activities in the engineering field.

Project: VRA Tarkwa Substation relocation Project.

Clients: Goldfields Ghana Ltd, Volta River Authority, Electricity Company of Ghana.
Description: Conceptual design, detail design, construction drawings, project management, work schedule, cost schedule, supervision and commissioning.

Project: Servicing of motors and Transformers

Client: Goldfields Ghana Ltd
Description: Rewinding motors

Project: Co-Generation Project

Client: Goldfields Ghana Ltd
Description: Synchronizing all the generators with the mains supply for uninterrupted power supply

The following pictures are some of the jobs done for some of our customers

132kW motor for Goldfields Ghana Ltd. Tarkwa Mine

Initial Condition                   Taking Motor details            Stripping

Rewinding of Stator               Wound Stator                      Final Testing

200kW Motor for Wexford, Tarkwa

Initial Condition                    Stripping of Motor         Core Insulation Enhancement

Rewinding of Stator              Re-assembling motor            Ready for delivery







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