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   Welcome to Electrofax Engineering Services Ltd.

Since 1997 Electrofax has sought to provide individuals, companies and industries with the very best of engineering services, with so many years of professional experience in handling various engineering systems and clients, one can be assured that your engineering needs will be in no other safe hands than ours. One reason why we stand out as unique is our modernity; we have the latest equipment that engineers would require to put a professional touch to your needs. It is said that one could have all the equipments in the world and still have very little output and that is what we here at Electrofax guard against; with the CEO being an electrical engineer by profession one can easily tell why we only recruit the most professional and experienced men while still giving young engineers the chance to gain experience with our company, these men go all out until your needs are met. No wonder we are the one stop Centre for all your electrical solutions.

Core Services:
  • Repair of Electric Motor and Transformers
  • Wire drawing and covering
  • Mechanical Repairs Capability
  • Extensive Field Service team
  • Dedicated ovens for Drying, Burn off, and Curing.
  • Engineering Design, and Evaluation and development for Efficiency Enhancements and Power Savings etc.
  • Motor Management programs
  • Motor Maintenance Contracts.
  • Testing Capabilities
  • The ELECTROFAX Commitment
  • Wide Range of Engineering on site services
  • Ability to complete Large on site Projects.




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