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Electrowind Engineering Limited is a sister company of Electrofax Engineering Services Limited (EES). It was commissioned on 29th September, 2007. The company was set up to undertake fault diagnosis, repair and rewinding of Electrical Motors, Generators and Transformers. Electrofax saw the need for an efficient and affordable rewinding services for the people of Tarkwa and its environs with the primary targets being  the mining companies whose use of heavy duty motors and equipments is unequalled by any other industry. Ever since the establishment of electrowind, Goldfields Ghana Ltd has been one of our valued clients whom we have no doubt are very much satisfied with our services. The company repairs and rewinds all sizes of machines having flexible copper conductor windings. This ranges from 0.13kW to 400kW motors. We also undertake repair and rewinding of all sizes of generators.

Electrowind carries out both on-site and off-site fault diagnosis on electrical machines using state-of-the-art equipment. We also carry out the purification of transformer oil and transformer maintenance, building and installation of Motor Control Centres. One would ask why electrowind? It is simple, we have very professional men who would work on  your motors to make sure that they are as good as new, we also have state of the art equipment which we use to improve on our efficiency and deliver our service in very good time, we have a very organised system that makes sure that collection and delivery of motors are done in a very professional manner, the reasons go on and on.







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